LEASING RIGHTS: Leasing rights grant you permission to use the instrumental MP3 (or WAV by request) version of the track for limited purposes. Leases are the perfect option if you are planning to use the track for a few of the following uses: mixtapes, demos, local radio play, performances, and promotion. You are limited to only 2,000 (TWO THOUSAND) unit sales with my leases. If you should happen to predict a higher volume of sales, it is suggested that you purchase the exclusive rights.

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Exclusive rights grant you the exclusive ownership of the rights to a track. You are given the right to unlimited recordings, sales and broadcasts for the song you create with the track. The exclusive rights option is the one you will want to go with if you plan on releasing a mixtape/album or single for more major distribution. You are permitted everything included in leases, but on an unlimited scale.
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